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 “After lots of stress about being "overdue" and setting a date for medical induction (which I absolutely did not want) I was relieved to go into labor naturally after acupuncture with Dr. Finden at Active Health Chiropractic. Dr. Finden is caring, calming and ultra-supportive of moms and pregnant women. As a mom herself I felt confident in her care and experience. She also helped relieve my breastfeeding-induced back pain after delivery and gave me lots of new mom support and advice which I am still appreciative for.” – Tara O.

“I cannot say enough good things about my care and my prenatal chiropractic care with Dr. Finden! I have had a low back disc herniation and thus have chronic lower back pain that Dr. Finden has helped to significantly decrease prior to, during, and after both of my pregnancies. I am a dentist, and her competent care helped me to work all the way through both pregnancies- no easy feat.  I believe that Dr. Finden's techniques to help stimulate labor naturally with my first pregnancy helped me to avoid a scheduled induction.  Dr. Finden and Dr. Jabs do a wonderful job and I have referred many of my colleagues and family members to them.” – Mary C. 

“I'll admit, I was a little leery of trying chiropractors but I was in enough discomfort at 27 weeks pregnant so I decided to try them since they work on many pregnant mamas. I'm totally a fan! I was immediately put at ease by Dr Jabs and she was very good at explaining the treatment plan throughout my visit. I felt 100x better after my first appointment and look forward to seeing them again! I feel like I can move again!” – Kristina K.

“We took our little one to see Dr. Finden at just 3 weeks old. We noticed his head was tipped at an odd angle most of the time and he didn't want us to straighten him out. On the walk home from our first visit he was lifting his head to look around. He was so happy. At the time he also spit up half of what he ate, every time he ate. The spit up virtually stopped after the first visit. We went back for a few follow up visits. The results were so amazing and we could see them before our eyes. We have since taken him back to help with everything from ear infections to constipation. It has helped offer him relief every time.” - April J.

“My chiropractic treatments and acupuncture sessions during my third pregnancy helped me to avoid a second c-section.”  – Megan R.

“First time pregnancy can be unnerving. First time twin pregnancy was that and then some but, with regular adjustments at Active Health throughout my entire pregnancy I was able to carry my twins to term and deliver both vaginally. We were even able to get baby b to flip late in the game. I trust my care with them so much that both twins were adjusted within weeks of their arrival and continue to be seen as needed.”  – Jennifer P.

“My last trimester of pregnancy came with a number of new discomforts and I was relieved to find that Active Health not only knew how to adjust a very pregnant lady but also had special tables set up for such an adjustment. After my little one was born he had some feeding and neck issues and I have continued to be blessed by the help we've gotten here for him.” – Amy B.


“Chiropractic has been a key part of our daughters' health care since they were infants. Colic, ear infections, torticollis, headaches--all of them have effectively and compassionately treated by Drs. Finden and Jabs. We live quite far away from Active Health Chiropractic, yet I'd never trust our family's well-being to anyone else.” - Nina J.

“Dr. Finden and her staff know and understand the specific needs of pregnant women. I loved going there throughout both of my pregnancies as the care I received helped alleviate pregnancy discomfort I was having, including sciatic nerve pain. They are also very family friendly, for example giving me time to nurse my 8 week old baby in the middle of a visit, and take their time to address and treat your needs. I would strongly recommend Active Health Chiropractic!” – Jennifer M.

“During my pregnancy, I was having some hip pains.  After consulting my doctor, she informed me that "I'd just have to wait until the pregnancy was over for them to go away."  After bringing them up at Active Health, within just a few sessions the pain was gone.  They helped me stay comfortable throughout my whole pregnancy.” – Sally R.

“Active Health has helped me tremendously throughout my 3rd pregnancy. Chiropractic care helped me alleviate some of the minor discomforts in pregnancy (lower back pain, pressure to hips, etc).  I'm 32 weeks today and still doing HIIT workouts, lifting, swimming, and yoga. I'm as active as ever and feeling great!”  -Laura K.

“Active Health Chiropractic definitely helped me have the most comfortable pregnancy of all of them--and I've had four! I only wish I had decided to get regular chiropractic care through my previous three pregnancies, because this fourth one was so much less painful and uncomfortable in that third trimester. Plus, I am certain that my weekly adjustments made this birth the most efficient because our baby was in a better position due to my pelvis being in better alignment. I was able to have a quick, natural birth even after being induced by AROM (artificial rupture of membranes) thanks to Dr. Finden at Active Health Chiropractic.” – Hallie R.

“I have had two disc herniations before I became pregnant with my second child, and I was able to be proactive and get regular treatments with Dr. Finden, and was able to conceive and maintain pain-free pregnancy up to the birth. Thankful for the care!” – Chelsea P.  

“Initially, we were nervous to bring our infant to a chiropractor. However, Dr. Finden eased our anxiousness immediately. She was able to see our son's personality grow and was able to help him with his health needs. We still take our son there for adjustments.   We would highly recommend Dr. Finden and Active Health Chiropractic.” - Laura A.

"Dr. Finden has taken very good care of me over the last two marathon seasons.  I put a beating on my knees, hip, and back during training, and she's had me ready to go.  I also love how she teaches me strength exercises that don't take all day to perform". - Dan G.